Why Should I Replace My Existing Water Heater?

It seems today just about all homeowners are becoming energy-conscious. One of the best ways to decrease energy usage and increase home comfort is to replace and/or upgrade the home’s heating and cooling system. Replacement of these systems is one of the best returns on investment in the home. However, taking a whole house approach may enhance this investment by addressing other issues in the home. The first obvious choice would be the water heater.

Traditionally you find the water heater sitting right next to the home’s furnace, and you also find they typically share the same chimney, flue, or vent. When installing a new high efficiency furnace, usually the furnace is removed from the chimney and vents with a PVC pipe through the wall directly to the exterior, and a second pipe drawing in fresh combustion air from outside the home. So where does this leave us with the water heater? It typically leaves us with an inefficient water heater that is venting into a chimney alone, which now cannot draft properly because the chimney dimensions are too large for the water heater to properly draft on its own.

When faced with this scenario, there are two options. The first option is to leave the existing inefficient water heater and install a chimney flue liner, reducing the interior dimension of the chimney and allowing it to draft properly. The second option is to install a new, higher-efficiency water heater that will cost less to operate and eliminate the need for a chimney.

Standard atmospheric tank-type water heaters are typically in the 60% efficiency range; however, water heater manufacturers have been producing much more efficient water heaters in recent years. There are various options to consider when purchasing a high-efficiency water heater. There are several tank-type water heaters that have efficiencies up to 96%, and tankless on-demand water heaters with efficiencies as high as 98%.

Sanders Home Services installs over 3,000 water heaters a year and we are truly the experts when considering replacement of a water heater. Let a Sanders Home Services expert help you choose the correct water heater for your home.

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