Our Professional Promise

Sanders Home Services specializes in Kinetico home water systems. Whether providing a thorough analysis of your home’s water, explaining how water systems work or recommending one that’s right for you, one thing is certain. Nobody brings a higher level of professionalism into your home than us.

About Kinetico Water Systems

Kinetico engineers put their very best thinking into developing innovations to remove nearly everything from water that isn’t water. Such as water softener systems that are powered by the force of moving water instead of electricity and water filter systems that achieve incredibly high levels of filtration for the very cleanest, safest drinking water. After all, better water flows from better thinking.

Warranty Coverage

We stand behind our products with the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Sanders Home Services will provide you with all of the details pertaining to your Kinetico system. Contact us today and compare the warranty we offer with anyone–you’ll find our warranty is one of the best!

For more information about Kinetico Water Systems, call Sanders Today! (856) 429-3086