How long was your power out?

Honeywell Generac Generator

Over 100,000 homeowners across South Jersey lost power (and some are still without!) after last week’s devastating storm. This storm caused just as much damage, if not more, than Hurricane Sandy. Believe it or not, your normal way of life has been altered by a storm that lasted less than 20 minutes! Spoiled food, lack of air conditioning, tough communication and no use of other critical household systems are just some of the consequences of a long power outage.

Investing in a Whole Home Generator can give you peace of mind if and when another storm knocks your power out. We at Sanders know that your family’s comfort and safety are your number one priority and we want to help!

Call Sanders TODAY to get a free estimate for a Whole Home Generator! We’ll even knock off $500 if you have one installed by July 31st!

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Whole House Generator $500 Off

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