Heating System & Furnace Service in Voorhees, Sicklerville, Sewell, Magnolia, Mt Laurel & Cherry Hill, NJ

Gas Furnace Service Check

We will perform our comprehensive 24-point check-up on your gas furnace.

A comprehensive check-up will save you money in the long run by ensuring that your gas furnace is running at peak efficiency all winter long. By maintaining your gas furnace and getting it serviced regularly you will also be prolonging the life of the unit.

Schedule a service check with Sanders Home Services in Voorhees, Sicklerville, Sewell, Magnolia, Mt Laurel & Cherry Hill, NJ and be confident that you are making a smart financial move and that your gas furnace is not going to break down on the coldest day of the year.

Heating Service Plan

Our 24 Point Gas Furnace Service Check is one of the most extensive in the business. Our technician will perform the following:

  1. CO detector in sleeping area?
  2. Clean or replace filters (standard 1″ filters)
  3. Furnace condition (Good, Fair, Poor)
  4. Inspect blower wheel, lubricate motor, check run capacitor
  5. Inspect fan belt, pulleys, bearings and shaft (if applicable)
  6. Clean and vacuum blower compartment and motor ventilation openings
  7. Inspect and clean pilot assembly
  8. Check and clean burners, in place (if accessible)
  9. Check flue collector box, vent piping and vent termination
  10. Clean and inspect inducer assembly, oil motor (if applicable)
  11. Check pressure switch tubing for kinks and cracks
  12. Clean condensate trap, drain tubing, pressure switch tubing
  13. Visually inspect and vacuum accessible heat exchanger
  14. Clean manifold and burner vestibule (if accessible)
  15. Check for gas leaks between shutoff valve and gas control
  16. Check/clean thermostat and test operation
  17. Return air temperature
  18. Supply air temperature
  19. Temperature rise (All registers open? Yes, No)
  20. Gas line pressure (wc), Gas manifold pressure (wc)
  21. Open T couple signal (mV), Closed T couple signal (mV Flame signal)
  22. Check draft and combustion: Gross stack temperature %, CO %, EFF, COaf
  23. Check for proper combustion air and clearances to combustible materials
  24. Humidifier condition (Good, Fair, Poor, N/A)