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Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers

Core Benefits

Humidification, the process of adding moisture to the air, is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet it's one of the least understood. One reason is that humidity is an intangible. It can't be seen, touched, or smelled. It has no color, no sound. However, its presence when controlled properly, offers many proven benefits.

Whether you're updating your home to be more healthy, energy-efficient and sustainable or you're building a new green-certified home, Sanders Home Services offers a complete line of innovative products designed to improve the quality of indoor air.


An Whole-House Humidifier can reduce the chance of upper respiratory problems. “Humidity reduces the incidence of respiratory infections and speeds recovery from the common cold.”—William J. Hitschler, MD, Archives of Otolaryngology.


When the air in your home becomes too dry, your body is robbed of precious moisture, leaving you and your family with dry, itchy skin, and dry nose and throat symptoms. A Whole-House Humidifier can help alleviate all of these uncomfortable symptoms and more.


Dry air pulls moisture from walls and hardwood floors which leads to damaging, unsightly cracks. Valuable furniture, artwork and electronics are also subject to the adverse effects of dry air. A Whole-House Humidifier can help protect your home and its contents by supplying the correct amount of moisture to your home’s air.

Energy Savings

Most homeowners turn up the thermostat because they feel cold. A Whole-House Humidifier allows you to feel warmer at lower thermostat settings, saving up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat, according to the EPA.

Whole-House Humidification vs. Portable
Too much humidity can be as much of a problem as too little humidity. Unlike portable units the Whole-House Humidifier continually monitors relative humidity levels in your home, then works to deliver the right amount of moisture - never too much or too little— to your entire house. Humidifiers don't require the daily cleaning and disinfecting that many portable units require and you never need to worry about the risk of microbial organism growth due to standing water.